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Firmware Antminer S17/S17pro v.1.0.8
MD5 Checksum dca343ca300cd716d6b55cb0707515fe
Antminer S17/S17pro.tar.gz
Archive for SD card Antminer S17/S17pro v.1.0.8
MD5 Checksum adfa91da5c91e3de9530e66fe0b4e077
Antminer SD S17/
Firmware Hiveon ASIC S17/S17pro
Antminer S17 / S17pro Hiveon.tar.gz

Alternative firmware for Antminer S17


for the new generation of ASIC miners - S17 & S17pro & T17 

Our new firmware changes the world of mining and allows you to reveal the full potential of your miner!
Energy Efficiency Improvement by 15-65%:
S17 to 29w / 1TH;
T17 to 39w / TH;
Auto settings for consumption or performance profiles;
Selection of individual voltage on each board and frequencies of each chip automatically - and much, much more!

Why should you choose OUR FIRMWARE?

# 1 Mining Optimization
Energy efficiency S17 up to 25W \ 1TH, automatic chip tuning: by boards, by chips and by profile!

# 2 Virus protection: a new web service with threat protection - continuous monitoring and updating of signatures online.
The developed service provides reliable protection against existing threats, and the update database allows you to maintain always the protection updated.

# 3 Boost up and downvolt ASIC: with frequency, voltage and profile templates for boost up on each Hash board (S17 up to 79 + TH in air and up to 86ТH in immersion bathtubs, T17 up to 60TH, (Boost up requires cooling conditions as a must)

Setting the “immersive” parameter will automatically add the corresponding items for immersion bathtubs to the profile selection menu
S17 (air mode)
S17 (immersive mode)
T17 (air mode)
S17 (immersive enabled) 

# 4 Updated control interface with built-in power meter and counter!

As well:
LED alarm for technical problems
LED intermittent mode for quick miner search on the farm

Mining stop
Device restart

# 5 New affiliate program

We invite you to cooperate with large farms, data centers, mining hotels and large miners.
Add your Fee to the firmware, get extra income - with our firmware it is easier than ever!
The new configuration interface is simple and convenient:
separate page with the parameters you need
convenience of choosing commission size
quick save 

# 6 Dev Fee - rewarding the developer with less than 3% of the total hashrate, in parallel, without interrupting the main mining.

# 7 Add your rate of interest fee - Redirect asic speed rate of interest, for hotels, the managing, charge part of the payment as rate of mining. 

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