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Firmware Antminer T17 v1.0.8
MD5 Checksum 9260ee0d54494ab5ff9a55ea4fa9f871
Antminer T17.tar.gz
SD card T17 v1.0.8
MD5 Checksum 4abe47f6a1993bbc1614b84cd896488a
Antminer T17
Firmware Hiveon ASIC T17

Alternative firmware for Antminer T17


for the new generation of ASIC miners - T17 

Our new firmware changes the world of mining and allows you to reveal the full potential of your miner!
Energy Efficiency Improvement by 15-65%:
S17 to 29w / 1TH;
T17 to 39w / TH;
Auto settings for consumption or performance profiles;
Selection of individual voltage on each board and frequencies of each chip automatically - and much, much more!

Why should you choose OUR FIRMWARE?

# 1 Mining Optimization
Energy efficiency S17 up to 25W \ 1TH, automatic chip tuning: by boards, by chips and by profile!

# 2 Virus protection: a new web service with threat protection - continuous monitoring and updating of signatures online.
The developed service provides reliable protection against existing threats, and the update database allows you to maintain always the protection updated.

# 3 Boost up and downvolt ASIC: with frequency, voltage and profile templates for boost up on each Hash board (S17 up to 79 + TH in air and up to 86ТH in immersion bathtubs, T17 up to 60TH, (Boost up requires cooling conditions as a must)

Setting the “immersive” parameter will automatically add the corresponding items for immersion bathtubs to the profile selection menu
S17 (air mode)
S17 (immersive mode)
T17 (air mode)
S17 (immersive enabled) 

# 4 Updated control interface with built-in power meter and counter!

As well:
LED alarm for technical problems
LED intermittent mode for quick miner search on the farm

Mining stop
Device restart

# 5 New affiliate program

We invite you to cooperate with large farms, data centers, mining hotels and large miners.
Add your Fee to the firmware, get extra income - with our firmware it is easier than ever!
The new configuration interface is simple and convenient:
separate page with the parameters you need
convenience of choosing commission size
quick save 

# 6 Dev Fee - rewarding the developer with less than 3% of the total hashrate, in parallel, without interrupting the main mining.

# 7 Add your rate of interest fee - Redirect asic speed rate of interest, for hotels, the managing, charge part of the payment as rate of mining. 

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