We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection
We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection
We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection

Mining Hotel:
posting your
mining equipment

We offer 10mW free
power for miners

Our mining hotel

Spacious rooms, a large amount of free power, industrial ventilation. Contract of safekeeping! Free shipping. Special conditions for large miners. Write, we are waiting for you!


Main advantages

Optimal prices

4 rubles / kW

Custody agreement

Reliable protection of your interests.

24/7 technical support

Monitoring of equipment operation, temperature control, immediate response to customer requests.

Our rates

Power 4 rubles / kW. We use a flexible approach when determining the cost of services. The basis of our approach is taking into account the interests of the Client. We constantly monitor the profitability of equipment and offer the client the best solution.

Rack Placement
3,5 - 4 р / 1 kW
Placement of mining equipment
Placement of Turnkey Miners
- security
- dedicated internet
- tech support
- ventilation
- video monitoring
- formal contract
- remote access
L3+ 2060р. / month.
S9 3888р. / month.
Container placement

Moscow 3.8 r.kw / h
Irkutsk 3.2r.kvt / h

Price with VAT.
Placement of containers from 300 devices.


any other miners at the price of 4r.kvt / h

for 2 + MW the cost is from 3.5 rubles. kWh

Questions and answers

Accommodation conditions and contract of safekeeping

Where is the data center located?

The main data center is located in Moscow.

How much time passes between the signing of the contract and the start of operation of the equipment?

4 working days.

Where is the equipment checked, is the contract signed?

Coordination, signing of the contract, equipment inspection takes place in the office.

How much does it cost to deliver equipment from Moscow?

Delivery is free.

How much is a kilowatt?

4 rubles per kWh. From 2 MW of 3.5 rubles (including VAT).

How long is the contract concluded?

We prefer long-term contracts so that our Clients can clearly calculate their economies.

How is payment made?

In cash and cashless form. Payment occurs a month in advance.

How much does the service cost?

The cost of maintenance depends on the size of the equipment. For example, the cost of placing ASIC S9 is 5900 rubles / month.

How is the data center guarded?

24-hour armed security. Cooperation with the private security company.

Is there a fire extinguishing system?

There is a powder fire extinguishing system.

Is the company responsible for the safety of the equipment?

Our company is engaged in responsible storage, bears material responsibility for the equipment placed.

What additional security measures are applied?

Protected area, iron doors, panic buttons.

How is the equipment controlled?

Software, in real time. The employees are on site 24/7, ready to solve any problems as soon as possible.

Does the company guarantee a stable temperature regime?

Strict program control of the temperature regime is carried out.

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