We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection
We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection
We accept applications for firmware for these devices with overclocking and virus protection

MSKMINER online store: equipment for mining

Today it is easy to build a profitable business on generating cryptocurrency. It is not stable and predictable in the long run, but it can quickly earn a very substantial amount of money with a competent approach to its organization. First of all, it is necessary to purchase quality equipment. At the same time, there is a direct dependence: the more money you spend on it, the higher your profit will be. You can buy miners in Moscow in our online store MSKMINER. So, what to consider then?

Key features of Etherium and Bitcoin mining equipment

First of all, it should be remarked that the cost of Bitcoin, for example, actively began to grow since 2016 and has now reached a tenfold increase. But the more rare and difficult for generating Ethereum has grown in price by 50 times! This information alone has led many people around the world to decide to buy a miner and start earning money without actually doing anything. In Russia, the attractiveness of such business is also due to the low cost of electrical resources, which are required to create virtual monetary units in large volumes.

The latter fact is also due to the desire of our clients to buy ASIC with maximum energy efficiency. In addition, choosing a mining farm, for example, customers pay attention to the hash rate (computing power of equipment). A special role here is played by features of video card and RAM of the device. Good values of energy efficiency today are 1300-1400 Watt, hash rate - from 12 000 to 14 000 gigahash per second.

At the same time, you always have an opportunity to choose this or that type of equipment for Ethereum mining, for example. So, you can buy ASIC miner. Its cost reaches several hundreds of rubles, but due to high balance, excellent performance, full automation this type of equipment is actively used by experienced specialists in the field of mining cryptocurrencies. Initial investments are very substantial, but they easily are paid off. The profit gained subsequently is several times higher than the cost of the ASIC device.

If it’s difficult for you to find 100-200 thousand roubles, pay attention to the opportunity to buy a mining farm. This complex can be sold as a fully ready-to-use installation or for spare parts (for self-assembly). You can also see wholesale mining equipment in our web-store. It is important not only to correctly connect to each other, but also to build a balanced kit of Video cards, bodies, coolers, RAM slots, hard drives, power supplies for mining and other components. There should be a lot of programming knowledge, or address our consultants. Talking about the price, this approach is more low-priced. However, farm productivity is usually lower than that of an ASIC miner.

For those who want to understand the principle of the system as a whole, without spending a lot of money, the best option is to re-equip a stationary computer. To do this, you need just to buy powerful video cards in our online store of mining equipment. Due to the high competition in the cryptocurrency market what is obvious today, you are likely to be able to recover only the energy spent on generating Bitcoin. However, this method is the best one for beginners, especially those who doubt the reality of making money on cryptocurrency.

It’s worth mentioning separately the Ethrerum mining. The generation algorithm here is different (compared to Bitcoin), therefore it is recommended to buy the Ethereum miner, the main component of which is a video card. In this case, you cannot compare the effectiveness of ASIC devices and farms. Any of the options with the correct setup will bring substantial profit (depending on the characteristics of the graphics device).

You can also develop your business in this industry gradually, putting aside a certain percentage of revenue and regularly updating equipment. As a result, there will certainly be a desire to buy some ASIC miner in Russia in order to start getting maximum income. Check out the offers of our online store. If you have questions, contact the consultants using the feedback form. Selling ASIC and other mining equipment is our main scope of activity.