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According to our statistics, we can easily conclude that the number of ads in the Internet  for the sale of mining equipment has grown by seventy percent. Is that some good news or bad we consider below. Now, on some resources there are about 15 thousand sales announcements. Moreover, it is worth considering the fact that the demand for equipment is not so great, only 6.6% of the cases.The drawback is that such reselling sites as "Yula", "Avito" offer "secondary goods", and the average price is about 170-180 thousand rubles. Of course, people purchased them cheaper, about 125 thousand rubles. Although, the owners of other sites confirm that some sites stipulate their prices, and those prices are equivalent to 260 thousand and higher. If the bitcoin rate is low, then the offer to purchase mining equipment will increase, but the time it will pay off will last up to a year. It is not known how this equipment works and what to expect from it even for several weeks, many experts say. We, as specialists, still recommend to study focus sites, and if you buy equipment, then buy the freshest. Of course, the bugdget is different for everyone, but we advise you to spend money on new high-quality equipment, rather than overpay for "secondary leftovers". The beginners especially need to understand the fact, that sometimes used equipment is sold much more expensive, plus it is doubtful that the equipment will work properly. Therefore, we offer the help and advice of our experts in order to dispel all myths and offer you really high-quality equipment.