Antiminer S9i-14TH

Technical specifications:

Algorithm SHA-256

Hash rate 14 Th/s

1320W Power Consumption

Energy efficiency 94 J/Th

Voltage 12.00 V

Number of chips 189 pcs.

Number of boards 3 pcs.

Ethernet Connection

Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C

Cooling 2 fans

Process 16 nm

Noise level 76 db

Dimensions 350x135x158 mm

Weight 4.2 kg

The S9 Series has firmly taken its place in the global mining industry. The models of this series are among the most common and popular ASIC. Stable operation and profitable energy efficiency still allow to create profitable farms based on them. The S9i is a worthy representative of this range. The large number of these devices and the long experience with them, give specific advantages: affordable repair, plenty of information about acceleration methods and features of their operation, good competence of specialists and attractive price.

Algorithm SHA-256 allows you to mine Bitcoin, and if its price falls below the level of payback, now the market has alternative currencies showing good yield: BitcoinSV, BitcoinCash, DGB-SHA, Nicehash-SHA, Peercoin and LitecoinCash.

You can buy all the necessary components on our website, and do not forget that if you plan to boost up your devices, you will need a powerful power supply. If you are thinking about a large batch, you should take a look at our mining hotel or the opportunity to buy your own container. And most importantly, we have special firmware for the S9i, which will not only help to boost up and improve its energy efficiency, but also protect your investment from hacks and viruses.